TextDescriptives is Python library for calculating a large variety of statistics from text(s) using spaCy v.3 pipeline components and extensions. TextDescriptives can be used to calculate several descriptive statistics, readability metrics, and metrics related to dependency distance. If you wish to try out the package, you can use the online demo.

The documentation is organized in two parts:

  • Getting Started contains the installation instructions, guides, and tutorials on how to use the package.

  • Package References contains the documentation of each public class and function.

Where to ask questions?#

To ask report issues or request features, please use the GitHub Issue Tracker. Questions related to SpaCy are kindly referred to the SpaCy GitHub or forum. Otherwise, please use the discussion Forums.


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General Discussion

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If you use TextDescriptives in your research, please cite the following preprint: TextDescriptives: A Python package for calculating a large variety of statistics from text.